About us



this is a company dedicated to the export  semi-finished tagua products such as tagua blanks ( tagua button , nut button, button Corojo , ivory nut, vegetable ivory ) . We are located in the city of Manta Ecuador.



MEGATAGUA SA focuses on complying three very important points in order to serve our clients better and give satisfaction when receiving our services and products.





 - The joy of others is our joy.

 - We want to share with others the joy that gives our service and product.

 - We want our customers to feel joyful to have a life to share with the nature of our earth through our service and product.

 - We want our suppliers feel glad to work with the nature of our earth through our service and product.

- We want our members and staff feel proud to contribute to the nature of our earth through our service and product.

- We send to you the happiness of being inhabitants of earth through our service and product.



Achieve to become  one of the biggest exporters of tagua blanks and best known of Ecuador, our product being perceived by the customer outside as fully reliable high quality products.



-  To thank and respect the nature of the land who created us .

- To accept the difference and respect the personality of others without seeing their background .

- It is important to maintain human relationships of trust.



 - We respect the law.

 - We respect the promise.

 - Always try to improve in order to serve better.



 - Tagua is a natural material and is environmentally friendly.

 - Tagua grows in the woods of ECUADOR , and only the pit falls that is used naturally , because that out pretty products.

 - When dried naturally with sun ECUADOR , inside the tagua turns hard and white taking the appearance of ivory.

 - We shape tagua blanks ( semifinished button) with tagua . It is a very nice and very environmentally friendly product.

 - The process of shaping leaves some remains, but is used as fuel and food for animals.

 -  Working with the tagua is not only protecting nature, nor help to promote employment, but something much more than it is respect for the environment also as we estimate our own lives.